It’s easy to find the service provider to get the help you need to make your cannabiz a huge success.
All you need do is register as a user to assure that the most important information
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How we work for you

For Cannabis Licensees (USERS)

The United Cannabis Group includes service providers from all walks of the industry: including but not limited to CPAs, Attorneys, Consultants, Advisors, Financiers, and other service providers necessary to run your business efficiently. Due to the infancy of the industry as a whole, there are simply dozens of aspects of your business or pending business you simply do not know you do not know. The purpose of the UCG is to have previously vetted and contracted with such service providers so that you can confidently hire and receive those services from a true industry professional.

So how do you get one or more of these vetted, experienced service providers working to help you and your business? Simple!  Although you may use the site as a User free of charge, without registering, if you do so choose to become a user member, we can further assist you with the development and improvement of your day to day operations.

  • Optional: Become a member of the United Cannabis Group. You can join here.
  • Head on over to our Service Providers page
  • Use the filtering tool to select your location, your type of business and the type of service or serviced you need.
  • When you find a service provider in your area, you’ll be able to see details on the firm as well as the services they offer along with their contact information so you can contact them directly.  You can also send them an email from their own vendor page for an immediate response.

If you cannot find a service provider to meet your needs, you can contact the UCG directly for assistance.

For Cannabis Service Providers
In order to become a UCG service provider, such vendors or service providers in the industry must:

  • Apply for membership as either an Elite, Associate, Regional or State member. (founding members are already in place)
  • Pass a thorough background check of the business, principals of the business, and provide verifiable referrals for us to review.
  • Meet the professional standards and culture of the organization
  • Commit to a monthly fee for the many services they will receive
  • Participate in monthly meetings, meet ups, sponsorships and tradeshows
  • Communicate with the management of the UCG when applicable.

Become a Service Provider Member today!

After acceptance, service provider information will be added to the website and Registered Licensees or User members will be notified that you are now a member.

Our goal is and always will be to provide our user community with the best service, providers and vendors the industry has at its disposal. Every user of any service provider will then be able to rate the service provider during the engagement of after its completion. We will take all comments, critiques, accolades, both positive and negative very seriously, and we will investigate negative comments to ensure their accuracy.  We will also give each member the opportunity to correct the perception of negativity that any individual user may report.

We believe that the licensees that utilize the UCG will come to expect the finest of service, value and professionalism.  This is a standard we will always strive to meet.


  • Real Results. Real People.

    Whether you’re a service provider, licensee or investor, our members will work with you personally, bringing their years of experience to help you develop the tools you need to build your successful Cannabis business.

  • Background Checks

    The leadership of each prospective UCG service provider must undergo and pass an extensive background check. This way you can rest assured there are no skeletons in members’ closets and that they have the experience they say they have in order to provide the services you need.

  • Phone Support

    Our verified service providers will always be at the ready to help out. If you’re not able to find what you need on this site, you can always contact us directly for personal guidance.

  • UCG Support

    The UCG presents service providers that support the world-wide cannabis industry. The services provided range from Attorneys, CPAs, Janitorial, Consultants, Staffing, Payroll and everything in between. To find the service provider that meets your needs in your State, Go to Find a Service Provider by State and if you don’t see what you need there, contact us directly.